Coming December 2019 to Steam and itch.io!

A scary noise in the night has spooked your poor rabbits, and now all 100 of them have scattered across the valley! Run, climb, jump, and call out commands to your darling bunnies to bring them home to safety in this short n' sweet puzzle platformer — but make sure to be home before dark.

About the game:

  • A picturesque valley with 100 rabbits to rescue
  • Various secrets and collectibles to discover
  • Several different types of rabbits, often with unique abilities for solving puzzles
  • Charming, handcrafted pixel visuals with a wonderful soundtrack to match
  • Did we mention bunnies?

Along your way, beware the shapes in the darkness. Your rabbits aren't the only creatures in the valley, and the other ones may not be as friendly. Make sure you get home before dark! They almost look kind of cute, though...
Thankfully, the other faces in the valley certainly are friendly ones. Now who's this cutie with a bunny in her arms?

Photo of a smiling rabbit